Youtuber, camera-enhusiast, product designer; first and foremost I am just a biker who is stoked about riding on two wheels!
I actually started riding bikes on a Kawasaki kx 250 two Stroke from 1989,
after that I had a Suzuki rm 125cc 2 stroke.
My first streetbike i still own, is the legendary Honda cbr1000rr from 2004!

What camera/ software do I use?
Right now I’m filming a lot of stuff with a Insta360 One RS.
If we have the time we are also using a Sony A7 C and a Racing Drone (Armattan Badger). I communicate with the Sena 30k to my buddys.
For editing my videos I am using Premiere Pro / After Effects.

What bikes do I ride?
Honda Fireblade cbr 1000rr 2004 | Honda Fireblade cbr 1000rr-r 2020 | Honda cr125 2002 | Honda crf450 L 2019
YCF SP3 190cc Supermoto | YCF 160cc Supermoto Meddes Edition